Friday, March 31, 2006

My Visit With Rev.

We got to go home and see Rev. Bailey. It was a good visit. He was not doing well that day and we were told he may or may not know who we are. He remembered exactly who we were. He told us that his years of ministry were done and we had a lot of them in front of us. He said he didn't know how many souls we could save for the kingdom but to promise him we would save as many as we could. We promised we would. He then prayed for us and told us to take good care of our girls. The spark in his voice was gone as he laid on his hospital bed with the tubes in his nose there in his living room. But the spark in his eyes and what he had to say was still there as strong as ever. I pray that he will soon get to meet his Lord and live pain free for eternity. I pray he will soon here the words, Well Done!! Thy Good and Faithful Servant.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so special. I hope you really took his words to heart and will carry on his legacy. He sounds like such a special man.