Monday, January 17, 2005


Anna was so sick this weekend. We took her to the doctor's office on Friday and they decided they need a blood sample. Well she was so dehydrated from getting sick and from the runs they could not get a blood sample after trying on both arms. I couldn't take it I had to leave the room. From the waiting room I was ready to rush head long back to the room and save her from the misery they were putting her through.

Finally the screaming stop and as my wife (yes, I left my wife in there to help hold her down. She is more use to it with her job.) and Anna appeared only to find out we had to go the hospital to try again.

I wanted to refuse, however, because there was a serious threat of dehydration I was helpless but to let them stick my little girl 4 more times. Luckily this time thanks to a lot of prayer from me and Amber they were able to get the sample on the fourth time and Anna appeared out of the room a little happier. (That was probably in part to the lollipop they gave her.)

Well all that and they told us she did have virus (which there was nothing they could do) and she was not dehydrated and didn't need an i.v. And once we got home she was finally wanting to drink something and was able to keep it down.

So although I felt helpless and in a sense I was, but luckily I have God who is not and was taking care of my baby girl.

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