Thursday, November 18, 2004


Okay, I told most people who would read this about this already. But since it is the most exciting thing to happen to me in a while I decided I needed to blog it.

A customer called and asked about services we had or didn't have on Monday. I answered his question he then asked to speak to a supervisor, I asked if he could tell me what it is in regards to. (My supervisor won't come to a blind phone call) He answered with a matter of fact, NO! I informed him my supervisor would want to know what the call was about before taking it. He then told me that I should not intimidate him and just put him through. Well it turned out my supervisor was at lunch. I made the customer aware and he asked for his name and said he would call back.

Well call back he did. And he left a message. In his message he said he talked to me and asked a question which I answered, but that I then "coughed" at him. (mind you I have had a cold for more than a week now) And anyways, I had coughed at him and that he realizes that there are a bunch of homophobic feelings going around today in neo-nazi America but that he did not think it was right for extremists like me to be playing games on the phone. He did not appreciate being coughed at and having his ETHNIC? background being made fun of. He then continued on about the different services we should offer.

To set the record straight, I do not endorse homosexual behavior. However, I do not make fun of it nor am I apart of any extremist group against them. This customer had never identified who he was during our call and certainly had no way of telling his sexual preference over the phone. And since when has letting out a cough become an official insult against any group of people, and when did homosexuality become an ethnic background?

Well anyway, we got a laugh out of it here at work. Because everyone here knows that I am the last person here who would be part of an extremist group, or purposefully try to upset somebody. If anybody can find a record of even heard of where coughing during cold season is a universal insult please let me know. I am 100% non-gay and a proud breeder.

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